Software as a Service?

One service offered by Managed Service Providers that is often overlooked is Software as a Service – or SaaS for short. The upfront cost of purchasing, licensing and hosting the myriad of different applications and software that you need to operate your business can quickly add up – this is where SaaS comes in.

The idea behind Software as a Service is a straightforward one: your Managed Service Provider purchases and hosts the applications you need, delivering them to you over the Internet, with you paying to use them on a monthly basis – usually for one flat fee. This eliminates the need for you to pay high upfront costs as well as ongoing fees for licensing, but there are other benefits to using SaaS too.

The advantages of Software as a Service:

  • No Management & Maintenance
    When a Managed Service Provider is hosting your software and apps for you, it means you no longer have to worry about their management and maintenance. The person within your organization who was previously responsible for their administration is now free to concentrate on more valuable tasks. Any technical issues are taken care of for you, and you can simply get on with using the software programs that your business runs on without having to give them a second thought.
  • Always up-to-date
    When the administration of the software and applications you use is handed over to a vendor such as a Managed Service Provider, you will no longer have to worry about whether or not your programs are the latest version. It is the MSP’s responsibility to ensure your applications are the newest releases, and this in turn means that all of your staff will be using the same Everyone within your organization will be compatible – there’ll be no more “I can’t open that file you sent me as I have a different version of the program to you.” Naturally this also makes collaboration among staff members and teams far easier, and more efficient too. Access will be improved as well, with your people being able to work on any network-enabled device and see the same data that their co-workers are seeing.
  • Better Security
    Your MSP will also take care of automatic updates and patch management for all the software that you use, meaning you can be confident that you’re always using the latest – and most secure – version of a program. In addition to this, a reputable Managed Service Provider will have a much better grip on Internet security than the average small or medium-sized business, and will employ advanced defense solutions that ensure you are protected from online threats.
  • Lower costs
    As briefly mentioned above, by outsourcing the purchase, hosting and licensing of your applications to an external vendor, you are saying goodbye to the often prohibitive capital outlays associated with software packages. SaaS offered at a flat monthly fee enables you to budget better, and know exactly what you’re spending each month and with no surprise licensing fees. You’ll also be able to stop cutting corners and start running your organization more productively and profitably by using the latest versions of the newest must-have business tools – all for less money than you would be shelling out if you’d bought them yourself.

If you are tired of making do with inefficient, out-of-date versions of the applications you depend on, IT Authorities but you don’t have the budget to upgrade, talk to the team at IT Authorities about Software as a Service. We’d be happy to tell you how SaaS can give your business a whole new lease of life.