Preventative Maintenance = Increased UpTime

For most people, IT security is something we don’t tend to think about. We presume, and hope that our virus protection is doing its job. This complacency is very dangerous, and if you’re running a business it could put your entire organization at risk.

Things may be fine now, but you never know when disaster could strike. There’s a lot of danger out there online – viruses, worms, Trojans, and phishing scams to name but a few. Did you know that a million new pieces of malware are being released every day? And since most virus protection programs are reactive, they are being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of viruses out there and can’t keep up. The programmers who write anti-virus have to know how malware works before they can write code to stop it. This is why traditional anti-virus now stops fewer than half of all attacks.

Downtime = Lost Business

An IT attack can cause downtime and no business owner wants this. It’s bad for the bottom line. If systems are down, your staff are not working, supply chains are disrupted and sales are lost. It is far more economical to mitigate problems and fix them before they bring your IT systems down and cost even more money to fix.

Your data is too valuable to risk

A piece of malware, a phishing scam or worse, puts your data at risk – and data is the most valuable part of any organization. Ask yourself if you could continue to function if your critical data and files were corrupted, lost or compromised.

When it comes to security, preventative maintenance includes monitoring and testing your backups regularly. This makes sure you know that your most important files are being backed up and duplicated on and off-site for the best possible protection.

All systems have failure points

Preventative maintenance finds the weak spots in your company IT and assesses how dangerous they are. This is done by security health checks that sweep and check your systems for harmful behavior, unpatched software, ineffective firewalls and any malicious attacks that have been launched on your system.

Why a Managed Solution saves you time and money

Of course, all of this preventative maintenance takes time to learn how to do, time to implement and time to oversee. And if you’re like most small businesses owners, time is one thing you don’t have. This is why it’s well worth delegating such tasks to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like IT Authorities.

Ongoing preventative IT security is usually part of any managed services package. So for a small monthly fee, your provider is constantly monitoring your IT and running system health checks. A Managed Service Provider can spot and nip any problems in the bud before they cause downtime. Any weak links can be fixed before they have time to cause damage to the rest of your systems.

Never underestimate how important those software updates and patches you keep getting reminders about are. Hackers are always working hard to find weak spots in operating systems and patches are released to fix these vulnerabilities. Patches and updates need to be applied quickly too, within 48 hours ideally, so you need a process in place to make sure installation takes place. An MSP can do this for you so you know that such updates are happening automatically.

Find out more about Preventative Maintenance and how it can improve your network security by talking to the team at IT Authorities.