Managed Backup Solutions

Have you checked on your Backup lately?

At the heart of every modern business is a wealth of valuable data, around which the company’s continuous operations are dependent upon, from customer contact lists to supplier details, or even more confidential data like design secrets or insider knowledge. Whatever its nature, information plays a central role in your business’s success.

Given that these vast amounts of information are stored not in hard-copy but on extensive networks and computer systems, this reliance on data means that its preservation has become crucial. None of us knows when a disaster might strike – whether that’s one of the natural kind, like flood or fire, or a man-made incident like hacking or ransomware.

You need to ensure your entire team has access to your business’s critical data at a moment’s notice and that this information can be fully restored as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If you don’t have a dedicated IT support team within your organization, then this might be the kind of responsibility that ends up on your desk. In fact, even if you do have an in-house support team, this routine but nevertheless important task is probably not the kind of long-term strategic thinking and planning you want to be spending their valuable time on.

That’s where Managed Backup services come in. By outsourcing these responsibilities to your Managed Services Provider, you can rest assured that your backups are occuring and tested daily, without incurring excessive costs.

Here are five benefits of using a Managed Backup Provider:


    Much the same as Managed IT Services more generally, when you manage your backup requirements the costs can fluctuate wildly. You might incur minimal expenses one month; then the next month suffer an incident that leads you to lose vital information on your systems, meaning you need to retrieve the backed-up versions that will allow you to get back to work. This restoration generates an unexpected bill for staff time as well as equipment costs. It’s next to impossible to achieve stability in your company’s finances with these kind of peaks and valleys in expenditure. But the flat-rate approach adopted by Managed Backup solutions allows you to get all the comprehensive data backup assistance you need – including restoring data at short notice in the aftermath of information loss – while being able to predictably budget your expenditure month by month.

  2. 24×7 MONITORING

    Data backup isn’t something you can “set and forget”. It needs meticulous planning to ensure that you cover yourself for every eventuality. Even more than that, though, the success of your data preservation strategy depends on you being able to stay on top of the regular backups that will ensure your records are useable if you should need to restore them. What happens when you have not tried to restore your backups for days, weeks, even months at a time? When the worst inevitably happens, you’ll find even your backups can’t help you out. Yet it can be difficult for a business owner to find time to maintain regular backups – which is where Managed Backup solutions step in. By outsourcing your backup worries, you can rid yourself of that nagging feeling you get when you know data archiving is just one more thing on your never-ending to-do list. Instead, your backup requirements are completed on a routine schedule as agreed, giving you total confidence that there is always a recent and reliable backup available if you have cause to call on it.


    It’s not just physically backing up your data that can make it a headache to undertake this task in-house. Before you even get to that stage, you need to think about how to go about it. Which backup method will you use? Where will you store your data? Unless you’re already an IT professional yourself, it’s unlikely that you have the experience necessary to confidently make the right decisions in these areas. You might end up using tape backups, for instance, which can be costlier and less reliable than more modern alternatives. But when you sign off your responsibilities using a Managed Backup solution, you can count on an experienced provider to make the right choices for you. With IT Authorities’ Managed Backup solutions, for example, we can use image-based backup methodology so that you can restore as little or as much as you need, whether that’s a single file or folder, or your entire system. And we can store your archived files securely on a physical device, in the cloud – or both. Having your information in the cloud gives you the added advantage of being able to access it remotely should you need to. We give you all the advice you need in selecting the means of backup most suited to your needs, and then we take away the hassle of implementing your choice.


    What good is backing up all your data if you don’t then pay equal attention to its security once it’s archived? A backup tape left lying on your desk is no good if a fire rips through your office, or if thieves break in and steal everything they come across. It’s vital that you ensure your backup plans are built to withstand whatever circumstances are thrown at them – and Managed Backup services help you to achieve that. Our storage centers are protected by state-of-the-art security systems, and have their own redundant electricity and internet connections to make sure they’re always kept cool and connected. Add to that the fact that your data is fully encrypted when it’s transmitted to our cloud storage locations, and you have the makings of a truly comprehensive and robust backup solution.


    Let’s face it, what business has the spare capacity to spend time worrying about backups that are comprehensive enough – and completed with sufficient regularity – to be able to withstand unforeseen circumstances? If that’s you, then you probably don’t need our services. However, if you’re like the majority of businesses, with too many things to do and not enough hours to do them in, then chances are you could benefit from Managed Backup solutions. Not keeping up with the mundane task of taking effective backups can cost your business dearly, but outsourcing the responsibility to a Managed Services Provider can free you up from the need to do this altogether. With one less thing to think about, you’ll have the space in your schedule to focus on growing your business or identifying ways to become more efficient and streamlined, or even be able to to work a little less hard and give yourself a break. However you choose to spend the time you save by using Managed Backup services, you’ll feel the benefit.

If it sounds like your business could take advantage of all that Managed Backup services have to offer, and then give the team at IT Authorities a call. We’ll advise you on the best options to suit your company’s unique circumstances and requirements, and then get you set up with a solution that truly lets you put information backups out of your mind for good.