Process Automation: The Hero Approach

For a business to produce efficiency, the operations need to be centered around a single concept. Every business begins with an idea – they blossom and inspire new ways to overcome challenges – both small and large. However, when we find ourselves more focused on the process than the results, we suffocate the potential for creative problem solving and experimentation. Technology should never dictate the way you operate – but it has the potential to optimize your workflow and expedite your road to success.

We Are On The Case – Process Automation

Process automation is the technical term used to describe the digitization of previously manual actions through the use of technology. Processes automation requires less human intervention and less human time to deliver. Let’s see how Process Automation helps some of our favorite fictional pop culture icons.

Inspector Gadget

“Okay, so if you, um, want to operate one of your gadgets, you simply say, “go-go gadget.” Moreover, then you name the device.” Go gadget go! Inspector Gadget rarely understands the situations he is in, but thanks to his niece Penny, her dog Brian, and his cyborg body – he always saves the day. “Wowzers!” Inspector Gadget can escape perilous situations like falling into a lake with an auto-inflating life vest; avoiding a falling safe with spring-loaded legs, or escaping a snake pit with his hat-helicopter. He can go-go gadget his way from one case to the next with little manual effort.

James Bond

Bond, James Bond notoriously receives his gadgets from MI6 Quartermaster “Q.” The watches, hidden GPS locators, pen grenades, and fully-equipped luxury sports cars are all essential to streamlining his secret agent workflow. Saving the world wouldn’t be possible without those in-dash resuscitation devices, portable helicopters, and “savvy” sidekicks. Agent 007, relies on process automation to remove any bottlenecks keeping him from completing his missions.


Bruce Wayne and Alfred to utilize process automation, perhaps too much. Without his gadgets and methods, Batman wouldn’t be a superhero. From automated secret entrances to failsafe distress signals, Bruce is batty about his tech. Through their cell phone sonar device, Alfred helps Batman solve high-level problems on-the-go. By automating communication, data transfer, and extreme forms of transportation, Batman’s tech-enabled him to streamline his approach to fighting villains

IT Authorities Does Process Automation

You don’t need to be saving the world to benefit from process automation. Together we can create a new level of expectation through innovative and process-driven IT solutions. We can eliminate manual processes, produce faster response times, and equip you with reliable resources for your most treacherous missions. Save a Penny, drive the fully-equipped sports car, and protect your version of Wayne Enterprises, connect with us today.