remote desktop connection

Expand your Capabilities with a Remote Desktop Connection

Working remotely has always been an attractive idea that carries some serious inconveniences when it comes to application. Being separated from the physical office often means giving up the ability to share files, communicate effectively with coworkers, and keep your ideas organized and streamlined on a single device.

But now that new digital solutions are becoming more and more feasible, working remotely is no longer an intimidating prospect. Instant messaging and video conferencing goes a long way towards streamlining communication so that distance isn’t the hindrance it once was, and file sharing services have made sharing data between coworkers a breeze. Still, in a world where working exclusively from a personal device hasn’t been fully accepted, there are challenges to working remotely. The solution may surprise you: a remote desktop connection.

What is a Remote Desktop Connection?

A remote desktop connection is an interesting concept. The idea behind it is that a user working remotely can control what is happening on one desktop computer by using a different computer as the control interface. In other words, a replica of your exact office desktop can be displayed on a different computer, such as the one you’re working off of from home or on-the-go. As you interact with the remote desktop, the original computer will perform all of the operations that you tell it to, giving you full control of your line-of-business applications remotely. Obviously, this is more effective with simpler operations – graphic design and video streaming may suffer from significant input lag and be inefficient from a remote desktop.

Remote desktop connections have been around for a while but were never user-friendly enough to warrant extensive use. Now that that’s changing, they’re amazing tools to help your business grow beyond the office.

Why are Remote Desktop Connections Useful?

Simply put, remote desktops greatly increase the effectiveness of your business when one or more team members are unable to be physically present in the office. Even though cloud storage is hugely popular nowadays, many employees still keep works in progress or less-used files stored exclusively on their office computer. When working remotely, this is just one of several hurdles employees can encounter that hampers efficiency outside the office.

A remote desktop connection allows employees to access functions that only their office computer can fulfill regardless of their location. This solution is an essential part of any plan to mobilize your workforce as well as institute remote days, bring-your-own-device plans, and other modern-day solutions.

Remote desktop connections can also make it easier to handle emergencies that arise while out of town on business or vacation.

When enabling remote desktop connections, it’s often best to call a professional who specializes in such technology so that you can implement it as quickly and effectively as possible. Technology with unpredictable quirks is inconvenient for everyone, and your business should always be at its best. If you’re interested in equipping your employees with the ability to access their desktop remotely, look no further. Give IT Authorities a call today, and we’ll sit down with you and discuss how we can work together towards building a modern, mobile evolution of your business.