toy Frankenstein

Un-Do Your Frankenstein Network with Managed IT Services

We’re all familiar with the horrible image of Frankenstein’s monster. The various, rotting, dead parts all meshed together into this horrendous being. Does this resemble your network? Maybe not that dramatically, but are all your cables, servers, computers, desktops, wifi, etc. just parts that are pushed together to work as a system? If so, this needs to change. If you’re still working part by part, like Frankenstein’s monster, and neglecting the unifying powers of managed IT services, the results of your network could be terrifying.

Unify Your Network

How exactly do you do this you may ask? Well, managed IT services is that magic glue to solve all your problems. Managed IT services will unify your network with predictability, mobility, and advanced solutions all at a wallet friendly budget.


At IT Authorities, we have all the knowledgeable experts you could need so you’re never left guessing with your IT. We will provide you with our proactive services, which will always have you ahead of the game. These managed IT services come with a software that will scan your system 24/7/365. With these constant eyes on your network, any potential danger will be detected and dealt with right away.

There are many benefits to this. With problems being resolved quickly and remotely, this will save you time and money. It will save you money by relieving you of the additional costs of bringing out a specialist to your location to check out the problem. It will also save you any downtime from broken technology. Nothing halts business productivity more than downtime. Our unlimited help desk will also make sure that nothing goes wrong with your network. The days of your Frankenstein network are long gone with these managed IT services.

Mobility and Advanced Solutions

In addition to being very reliable, managed IT services are also very advanced and give you the mobility you need to expand your success. Some of this mobility can be found through cloud-based unified communication. These communications will allow you to access your files and work from anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a device and an internet connection. In this rapidly expanding business world, this is a very important tool to have. We also have various other solutions such as VoIP, virtualization, and much more. Our managed IT services will make sure that you always have the updated version of any apps we provide, and we’ll scale with you as your business grows. Was Frankenstein this flexible and understanding?

It’s All Found in a Simple, Fixed Price

The best part of all of this is that these services come at a fixed, monthly rate. At IT Authorities, we will assess your company and develop a custom bundle of IT goodies for all your IT needs. This will then be charged on a subscription-based rate. Budgeting just got a whole lot simpler. You also don’t need to worry any more about surprise charges from unexpected events. And, if the bundle ever needs to be adjusted, no problem! We’re your IT partners through everything and we’ll work with you to keep your bundle completely satisfactory.

So, forget that Frankenstein network of yours. At IT Authorities, we’ll turn that clunky, dysfunctional system into a smooth, unified, well-oiled machine. Our managed IT services will allow you to achieve unmatched efficiency and productivity. Contact us today to get started!