Here’s the why behind IT Authorities

Our Company Culture

Culture Moving Business Forward

Why Do We Do What We Do At IT Authorities?

We believe that we have the chance to change the world one person at a time, starting with ourselves each and every day. We believe that by being all that, we can be, by being the very best version of ourselves that we will inspire others to do the same and that if more people were living, the better version of themselves, the world would be a better place. We believe that working with people and supporting the systems that support the clients does, in fact, contribute to changing the world even if it is by a little bit; by helping someone with a problem to not have a problem anymore. We believe that helping others is an honor and not a chore.

We believe that each person has a choice on how they want to live their daily lives, and the people at IT Authorities want to live a better version of themselves and have a better life. After all, the same time will pass whether you are living the better version of yourself or not. The same time will pass whether you are asking what you are becoming instead of what you are getting. The same time will pass whether we are giving our very best and adding the extra degree or just enough to get by. The same time will pass. Whether we work on ourselves harder than we do our job…the same time will pass.

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Our Mission

Empowered by YES! To deliver an amazing experience.

Our Vision

Excellence IS our Standard!

How do we stay at the top of our game?

C.A.N.I. (Constant And Never-ending Improvement) – The acronym derives from Kaizen, a Japanese management philosophy espousing bottom-up, incremental improvement through constructive teamwork, and personal discipline. We of course include this philosophy in our Managed Services, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security, & Professional Services, but more importantly we interpret this concept as the discipline of coming to work each day with the powerful intention of being better than the day before.

Our Core Values

Family:  Our people & their people are our family. Our customers are too! 
Selfless Dedication: It’s a village /360-degree leadership at all levels.
Amaze: Dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction. 
Fun: Enjoy our life and progress daily. Progress equals happiness.
Agility: We can pivot quickly and sustain agility in every department.
Performance: We expect more from ourselves than we do from our competitors.
Honest & Integrity: Do the right thing and do what we say. Always.
Collaboration: We overcommunicate for the benefit of all. 
Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to be the very best.
Quality: Precision throughout all operations and service delivery .
Loyalty: Loyalty to each other and our mission and vision.  
212 Living: Your very best – We Push Ourselves. 
Transparency: The truth will always set you and us free.
C.A.N.I. Living: Constant & Never-ending Improvement in our personal & professional lives.