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At IT Authorities, we understand and are engrained in your business. We ensure that you can continue to add value to your company, while we handle the IT stuff. You and your employees can transfer the demand of ongoing application and hardware maintenance and redundancy onto us; we’re the front line in making sure everything runs smoothly with real-time user support that goes beyond devices.

Our Enterprise Help Desk is much more than a customer service rep. Instead, you are getting immediate access to experienced engineers. Our team is highly trained. We truly know your business and business applications. You can rely on 24/7 around the clock, devoted resources that are in-line with your business initiatives. Our time to answer and time to issue resolution speaks for itself.

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Our reputation is built on our accountability. What does this mean to you? You can rest assured your IT support needs are handled with speed and quality allowing your business to run smoothly. Through our predictive analytics, we proactively prevent thousands of IT bumps from impacting your business. Our Enterprise Help Desk delightfully handles over 6,000 calls a month and resolve our customers’ issues in under 10 minutes. Experienced engineers are at your fingertips armed with 1,000’s of knowledge-base articles.

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