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Is your support organization collapsing under the volume of simple end-user how-to queries? Are your employees frustrated because they can’t get the help they need to complete simple tasks with your enterprise SAP application? Is your business dealing with complex issues that stem from inefficiencies in your technology? IT Authorities’ SAP Functional Services is laser-focused on providing you with a solution to these, and many more, issues. From addressing end-user questions to analyzing and resolving complicated cross-functional conundrums, highly-skilled and deeply experienced resources are available to take on these burdens and free your valued business team to focus on value-added activities.

The IT Authorities SAP Functional Services are designed into our other Services thereby making integration with our Enterprise Help Desk seamless and efficient. The teams work in concert to ensure quick triage and resolution of incoming issues and, most importantly, turn your end users into productive and satisfied individuals.

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IT Authorities SAP Functional Services address all consulting and support aspects of your SAP enterprise solution. We handle critical event management when things get bad, and we’ll also step into complex process issues that require a deep level of analysis, business knowledge, and functional expertise. No need to worry about the age-old problem of balancing the high cost of resources with unpredictable demand; we take on the burden of these fluctuations. You’re free to truly run your business and be assured your Service model will guarantee consistent results. Ready to learn more? Let’s chat!

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At IT Authorities, we are completely in-tune with your business. Using our business intelligence insights, we give you full transparency into your IT issues, open tickets, and business trends. We use this tool to not only be pro-active in finding solutions for predicted issues, but also to hold ourselves accountable to your revenue stream.

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