Top Ten benefits of using IT Authorities

    1. Get a reduced cost from inactive employees on hold. When people are waiting on hold for support, they often cannot be productive. We reduce this cost by providing super-fast response times of typically under 1 minute. Because we staff through scientific metrics instead of gut decisions, we can ensure that we always have enough well-trained engineers on staff and available to service our clients that keep pace with our growth. We have this down to a science!
    2. Spend less time explaining your environment to engineers. In any industry, quality of service always stems from the philosophy from which it is originated. It is our philosophy that documentation is king, and no one person should have all the details in their head. We assign a lead engineer to your account that is responsible for keeping documentation up to date, providing training and assisting other engineers with environmental questions. Because of this our customers always talk to someone who either knows everything they need to know about their network, has immediate access to the information or can bring in a lead engineer with specific account knowledge thus reducing or eliminating the need for the customer to repeat themselves every time they call in.
    3. Reduce expenses incurred from extended I.T. outages. Responding to our clients fast is one thing, resolving their issues quickly is another. We can resolve issues faster because we only have trained and certified engineers that are readily available and capable of resolving the most difficult of issues quickly. Each of our engineers has certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, VMware or Citrix just to name a few. The engineering group collectively has over 65+ current certifications.
    4. Gain peace of mind knowing that we have your I.T. under control. Proving that your mind is at ease might be difficult, but giving you the proof that it should be is not. We provide you with reports and statistics on your network along with a technical and managerial review each month or more frequent if you require it. The reports can be in a simple format or more technical detailed format. In either case, you will have the evidence that your network is in good health.
    5. Spend less time and money recreating lost documents and data. Every company must have reliable and secure backups of their data. Accomplishing that is no easy task and requires a great deal of process engineering and active monitoring and management of those backups. Most internal I.T. teams and managed services providers rely on emails from backup software. The problem is that when the emails stop working, they do not get a failure notification and engineers often do not notice that the emails have stopped coming. Relying solely on emails when it comes to data backups is a disaster waiting to happen. A monitoring system AND manual inspection are required to ensure your data is being backed up, that the right data is being backed up and that you can restore the data if you need to. We match up our monitoring and manual inspections to meet the requirements of your backup system and help you to streamline it so that is as efficient and effective as possible.
    6. Save money by only paying for the amount of service that each device requires. Not every desktop, server or networking device needs the same level of support. We allow our customers the flexibility to maintain lower levels of support for devices rarely used and higher levels on mission critical and more frequently used equipment, resulting in a lower overall investment while exactly meeting support requirements.
    7. Save time by utilizing a single point of contact for all account related issues and questions. We invest in dedicated account managers for our clients because we have found that in the chaotic world of I.T., a single person needs to be ultimately responsible. As your quarterback to our company, your account manager is talking with you on a monthly basis and ensuring you are in the know of the following four cornerstones of a well-run IT operation: 1) Delivering proof of the state of your systems; 2) Giving you insight into the work we have performed on your network; 3) Being accountable for the quality of service you received and whether we met the service level guarantees; 4) Keeping your technology roadmap current, so you are aware of future investments required in your I.T. network such as warranty renewals, maintenance contracts, and increased capacity. We consistently maintain over a 95% complete satisfaction rating from our customers.
    8. Spend less time and money searching for other service providers. Because we are managed I.T. specialists, we know that there will be times when you need solutions that we do not provide. It can take a lot of time to find these companies and once you do must give them a shot before you know if they are the right one. We maintain a partner network with long term trusted partners that have proven themselves to us and our customers time and time again. So when you are looking for a solution that we do not provide, all you need to do is engage us and we will help you make the right decision quickly.
    9. Save money and aggravation caused by finger pointing from service providers. Have you ever been in the middle of the blame game when trying to manage a bunch of service providers? How much time did you waste trying to prove where the problem was? One of the most frequent complaints we hear about our competition is that they never really own an issue and instead play the blame game. We don’t believe in the blame game. The buck stops here, and we own the issue. If an issue has to do with another provider, we call them on your behalf. We own it. We don’t pass it along to them. We see it through to resolution.
    10. Enjoy working with I.T. even when there is a problem. IT Authorities employees are part of an award-winning company culture, and it comes across on every call. If employees at any company are unhappy, it will come across on every level of that company. We believe a company’s corporate culture is only as good as the employee feels each and every day about coming into to work. Because we have a focus on personal and professional development and treat our employees as if their job is something “in” their life and is not their life, we have grown an amazing company culture. Our employees each have a sense of significance to us; they have a high degree of job security and certainty; they feel connected to one another like a brotherhood/sisterhood; they feel appreciated; they have a path of growth and they know how their individual efforts contribute to the whole. We have won the Florida Trend’s “Best Companies to Work for” three times and the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” five times. We have also been recognized as the “Best Companies for Leaders” by Chief Executive Magazine.