ITA Secure Depot Services

Manage your infrastructure investments with our secure depot powered by WidePoint’s ITMS™, our proprietary technology management system.

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IT Depot and Asset Management

Many organizations aren’t sure how to manage their assets or how to deploy them to the right person. Introducing IT Authorities new depot services powered by ITMS™. Utilize our expertise to alleviate the burden of asset management. Our solution does more than just track your assets. We assess your needs, provide budgetary guidelines, purchase the right assets and store them in our secure depot. All assets are managed by WidePoint’s ITMS™, our proprietary technology management system. ITMS™ provides a granular view so your company understands the lifecycle, the usage and accurately predicts your costs. Do your assets meet specific compliance guidelines? ITMS™ delivers that level of information. We can also provide recycling capabilities for when your asset meets end-of-life. We give you complete control over your assets to help save you money. 

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Is your organization facing any of the following challenges?

Do you need to make better use of your asset budget?

Do your assets meet compliance requirements?

Do you understand your usage to asset costs?

Do you need a better solution for end-of-life asset management?

Do you need to upgrade your hardware and software infrastructure?

Do you have accurate asset reporting?

Are your assets secure and completely locked down?

Do you require specific compliance for device recycling?

Do you have the right processes in place to manage your assets?

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