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Support Process

IT support is great, but what’s even better? A trusted IT partner that is focused on
the best technical solutions for your business processes and outcomes.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect
when you become a client.

Mutual Fit Process




Quarterly Business Reviews

Annual Reviews

Determining if we’re a mutual fit

To provide the best-possible IT support, it’s critical that our support philosophy is aligned with that of our clients. Our goal is to provide you with more than IT support — we believe in creating a partnership where we are united in achieving our shared goals. To guarantee a successful and mutually beneficial relationship, we always make sure that our clients are just as invested in implementing reliable technology and solutions as we are.

Get a quote

We will provide you with a quote based on your unique IT circumstances so you can determine if your support expectations match your budget. Discussing this upfront ensures that you don’t end up with surprise costs later on.
The quote will be based on the following factors:


As soon as our partnership begins, you’ll be assigned a team of resources comprising a project manager and engineers who will help you with the transition to IT Authorities’ services.
The transition includes the following steps:


Our 90-day hypercare ensures a smooth landing once the onboarding process is completed. We will provide you with comprehensive support that guides you through the initial period of our partnership and ensures everything remains on track. You will have a dedicated Customer Success Executive to provide you with the necessary documentation and have meetings with your users to ensure they have all the information they need to successfully utilize our services.
Hypercare meetings will take place regularly and will include the following:

Quarterly business reviews

We will provide you with comprehensive quarterly reviews of our services, recommendations, and goals based on the full network analysis conducted during the onboarding process. During these reviews, we analyze the quality of the services provided to you and how well the services are being received by end users and relevant stakeholders.

Annual business review

In addition to monthly and quarterly meetings, our annual reviews provide you with complete transparency regarding our partnership by determining areas of improvement, reviewing our successes, and planning for the next wave of priorities.

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