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Jason Caras

CEO & Co-Founder

Jason Pollner

COO & Co-Founder

Dr. Sean Dougherty, DBA

Senior Vice President of Service Operations

Jason Caras

CEO & Co-Founder

Jason Caras IT Authorities CEO

Jason Caras is a seasoned entrepreneur whose journey over three decades showcases a relentless endeavor not only toward personal triumph but a fervent desire to uplift others. With a dossier gleaming with recognition from Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist (2017) to accolades like the John C. Maxwell’s Top 30 Leadership Award, his venture-driven spirit is unmistakably eminent.

However, Caras’s mettle is more significantly noted not in boardrooms, but in the austere halls of juvenile detention centers where his discourse shapes the defiance of youth against the staggering odds stacked against them.

Growing amidst a plethora of dynamic business vistas, Caras’s modus operandi has always been underpinned by the success and development of those around him. He isn’t just an entrepreneur in the business realm but a cultivator of potential, a harbinger of hope in places where it’s scant. It’s not merely about navigating through the cut-throat corporate corridors but ensuring that the light of capability is ignited in realms shrouded in despair.

Caras’s sterling career mirrors the tenacity with which he approaches every challenge. Named one of the Top 250 Leaders in the World by MSPmentor, CEO of the Year by CEO Magazine, and Tech Leader of the Year by Tampa Bay Tech, his laurels are not a quest for vanity, but a testament to his unyielding commitment toward fostering growth — both in marketplaces and the minds of the marginalized.

His lectures in detention centers are not about tales of towering successes, but narratives of resilience, perseverance, and the indomitable human spirit. He doesn’t merely talk about defying odds, he embodies it. Each word, a spark aimed at dismantling the shackles of past missteps, nurturing a culture of aspiration amidst the stark walls of penitence.

His energy, whether it cascades through the professional echelons or echoes through the silence of detention halls, is always kinetic, always inspiring a move toward betterment. It’s not just about the ethos of entrepreneurship, but the greater paradigm of fostering hope, catalyzing change, and seeding the clouds of despair with silver linings.

Beyond the accolades, beyond the entrepreneurial prowess, Jason Caras aspires for a legacy intertwined with the essence of transformation. The titles of ‘world’s greatest dad’ and the torchbearer of hope are what fuels his ceaseless voyage. His life is not a soliloquy of personal achievement, but a chorus of triumphs reverberating through the lives he touches, manifesting the core belief — we grow by helping others grow.

Jason Caras isn’t just about maximum achievement; he’s about elevating existence, one resilient soul at a time.

Jason Pollner

CEO & Co-Founder

As Co-Founder of IT Authorities, Jason is focused on innovation and business development. He also currently serves on the board of the professional communication and collaboration network, Webtalk.


Jason currently sits on the board of several other organizations to share his expertise in IT. In his spare time he enjoys writing and playing music.


Jason has an extensive background in information technology and business operations. In 1993, he started his career as an entrepreneur in the technical field by developing enterprise applications and providing custom-built server solutions for small businesses. He continued his career in enterprise systems engineering for Publix Supermarkets where he provided technical consulting for retail technology. Jason sponsored and led numerous projects for Publix that impacted thousands of servers and systems. From there he worked as a technical consultant for various organizations prior to IT Authorities.

Sean Dougherty

Vice President of Managed Services

Sean Dougherty joined IT Authorities as our Vice President of Managed Services in August 2019.


Prior to joining IT Authorities, Sean has held roles in Information Technology, Commercial Operations, and Project Logistics within divisions of General Electric supporting industries including Power, Petrochemical, and Healthcare. As a Management Consultant, he has advised companies and non-governmental organizations on operational challenges focusing on solutions utilizing data science models and techniques. He has earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of South Florida, a Master of Business Administration from Stetson University, and an Executive Doctorate in Business through his research in Partnering Humans with Intelligent Systems. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and is certified in ITIL 4.