Security Awareness Training

​​Empower your employees with the knowledge they need to identify and eliminate cyber threats.

What would your employees do in these situations?

They receive an email from an unknown IT account asking them to install new instant messaging software.

They receive an email claiming to be from the IT department telling them to click on a link to reset their password.

They receive an email claiming to be from the CEO requesting them to transfer funds to a foreign partner.

They receive an unexpected email from a colleague saying that an attached file is awaiting their review.

Would they regard these as suspicious? If you think your employees could fall for these scams, your organization is exposed to unnecessary risk.

Your ability to cope with cyber threats depends on the online security awareness of your workforce.

As the majority of today’s cyber attacks target end users, your workforce can either be your biggest asset or your biggest liability — the choice is yours. Without end-user security training, the risks of cybercrime, such as phishing, ransomware, and IP theft, are a significant concern. However, by training your employees to detect and avoid falling victim to cyber threats, your workforce can become your first line of defense. Equipped with heightened security awareness through our engaging training programs, your employees become your first line of defense in the battle against cyber threats.

Our online security awareness solutions

Security Awareness Proficiency Assessments

See how your organization’s online security awareness measures up.

Automated Security Awareness Programs and Training Modules

Create a tailor-made security awareness training program with access to premium training content, including interactive modules, IT security training videos, games, and more.

Email Phishing Testing

Assess your employees’ vigilance with realistic simulated phishing emails and other types of penetration testing.

Physical Media and Devices

Increase your employees’ USB and phone security awareness.


Security awareness training is a strategy to prevent and mitigate user risk by educating employees on proper cyber hygiene and the security risks associated with their behavior, and to identify possible cyber attacks. These programs are designed to empower users and employees to be an asset to organizations by helping combat security breaches.

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