Multi-Cloud Managed Services

Offload the hassles of cloud management and boost ROI from your operations — Our multi-cloud service creates a single, seamless cloud environment that improves business outcomes.

What is Multi-Cloud?

The multi-cloud approach to cloud computing combines two or more cloud platforms into a single architecture. It removes the need to rely on any one cloud provider and greatly mitigates the risk from security or technical failures in any one system. By combining services from AWS, Azure, Google, and private cloud resources, you can leverage the best of each to achieve better ROI and a more productive, secure workforce.

Are you facing any of these cloud management challenges?

Our manual workload is higher than expected – too many tools and frequent innovations mean it’s impossible to keep pace and develop in-house cloud expertise.

We can’t get complete hybrid cloud coverage – our technical KPIs aren’t translating into business outcomes and we lack visibility into our cloud architecture.

We are exposed to unreasonable financial risk – over-reliance on a single cloud platform means our business processes and ROI are limited by their capabilities and stability.

We need better cybersecurity and disaster preparedness – our mission-critical applications are vulnerable to DDoS attacks, and we want more downtime protection than Google, Azure, or AWS offer on their own.

Accelerate business value from your cloud operations

Cloud is a technology every organization wants to leverage, but it comes with complexities and the need for frequent service upgrades.

IT Authorities will manage your cloud environments alongside any hosted or on-premises infrastructure via a “single-pane-of-glass” deployment. This is a full management model that provides visibility, governance, and optimizations.

How you will benefit: Key outcomes

360 degree visibility

Higher availability

Optimized resource utilization

Faster & proactive resolution

Greater security

Reduced TCO

Multi-Cloud Managed
Services Portfolio

IT Authorities can answer the cloud challenges that businesses are facing today. We offer a complete portfolio of management services for Azure, AWS, and Google platforms, as well as cloud components such as VMs, storage, network, Redis cache, app services, SQL workloads, and much more.

Cloud Optimization

PaaS and IaaS Management

Subscriptions and Certificates

Data Operations

Cloud Governance

Security Operations

How to transition to a streamlined cloud computing environment

Our Multi-Cloud Managed Services are configured around your specific cloud subscriptions and architectures. Contact one of our consultants to discuss how the cloud can better serve your business.

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