IT Authorities Case Study: Protect Your Network & Users from Malicious Devices

March 31, 2022

Preventing Cyber Attacks: IT Authorities Managed Services and the Cisco Meraki

Industry: Healthcare

Overview: In a healthcare environment, a potentially malicious device was physically connected to our customer’s network. The device began taking over the network. It could have been innocent, or it could have been an attempt to intercept all network traffic.  IT Authorities resolved the situation within 30 minutes of the first alert.

Diagnosed Issue: A new device was physically attached and it took control of our customer’s network.

IT Authorities Issue Resolution: An IT Authorities’ healthcare customer experienced a full network emergency. The issue presented as a possible cyberattack because it took down all network users and access points. The customer’s clients were getting incorrect IP addresses. Employees and customers were reporting “strange behaviors” when they attempted to connect.  The “strange behaviors” were actually an attempt to intercept and re-direct all network traffic to incorrect DNS server assignments. 

Utilizing IT Authorities advanced network monitoring tools and the Cisco Meraki stack (installed by IT Authorities), we were able to quickly determine the root cause, disable the attached device and restore network operations within 30 minutes of the first alert.

This potentially damaging network attack was quickly resolved by IT Authorities’ team of experts and solutions. Is your network protected? Choose IT Authorities as your managed services partner.

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