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May 6, 2022

WidePoint PKI and Identity Management Solutions are Quantum-Resistant

Is passwordless FIDO enough?

In January, Jin Kang, WidePoint’s CEO, commented, “Userid/password identity management is antiquated and extremely vulnerable. WidePoint’s PKI solution can replace the userid/password combination, expanding our solutions into the commercial sector with DoD grade security. Our PKI solutions address a large and growing market with universal applicability for controlling access to our customer’s critical infrastructure both logically and physically. We are committed to providing best-in-industry solutions across our portfolio of technology management offerings. From zero trust identity credentials to secure cloud and management mobility services, WidePoint invests in developing the solutions that government and business, especially regulated industries, demand.”

IT Authorities now offers WidePoint’s PKI solution to our commercial customers and they are already implementing this quantam-resistant solution.

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