IT Authorities & WidePoint Complete Depot Services Migration to Ohio Facility

May 2, 2022

IT Authorities is pleased to announce that we have completed the depot services migration with our parent company, WidePoint. “Our new depot service solution combines WidePoint’s secure facility and ITMS™, the proprietary technology management system,” said Jason Caras, CEO of IT Authorities. “Our customers have complete control of their assets, and, the seamless integration allows us to track every aspect of those assets including lifecycle, updates, security, usage and data costs.”

“We’re pleased to complete this next phase of integration with IT Authorities,” said Todd Dzyak, President of WISC. “For 15 years, our secure depot and the accompanying ITMS™ offering has saved our customers millions in asset control and security management. We are always evolving and improving the system so it can constantly deliver granular insights to our customers. Now we can expand this integral solution to IT Authorities and their customers.”

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