IT Authorities: WidePoint PKI Technology Delivers on CISA Phishing-Resistant Guidance

Nov 10, 2022

Information: WidePoint is IT Authorities’ parent company.

Fairfax, VA – November 10, 2022 – WidePoint Corporation (NYSE American: WYY), the Trusted Mobility Solutions company, announced today that the company’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Identity & Access Management solution delivers on new guidance issued by CISA, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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CISA released two fact sheets to highlight threats against accounts and systems using certain forms of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). CISA urges all organizations to implement phishing-resistant MFA to protect against phishing and other known cyber threats. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is at the top of the phishing-resistant MFA technologies.

Jason Holloway, WidePoint’s Chief Revenue Officer, stated: “WidePoint is a pioneering provider of Identity & Access Management Solutions. WidePoint credentials are authorized to provide trusted individual or business identity information for use by the DoD, FirstGov and participating government agencies. We support CISA’s commitment to securing organizations against phishing attacks and are excited to see how these recommendations align with increased interest in our PKI solutions.”

As part of the WidePoint Identity & Access Management solution, PKI is currently deployed throughout government agencies and commercial enterprises that require the capability to easily deploy and revoke access. WidePoint’s PKI solutions and associated services eliminate the lead-time needed to become operational while waiting for in-house development efforts.

Jin Kang, WidePoint’s CEO, stated: “WidePoint PKI technology is known to be the strongest form of phishing-resistant MFA solutions. WidePoint is one of just two companies recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) as an External Certificate Authority (ECA) provider. This allows WidePoint to issue PKI based digital credentials to securely facilitate access to the IT services offered by the federal government.”

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