A Completely Transparent View into Your Business

Vision: Business Intelligence Platform

Insight and trending specific issues across the enterprise
Gain insight into location specific issues and trends
A complete view into the Dev/Ops, systems, departments and 3rd party vendor issues
Predictable analytics and trends by day of week and time of day
Trending proactive performance and availability

Real Time Business Intelligence (BI) & Big Data Solutions

Insights Into your Businesses IT and Critical Business Applications

Gone are the days of waiting for a static Excel worksheet or PowerPoint that is outdated as soon as it is emailed or printed. Vision provides unfiltered transparency into current state analytics with endless macro and micro trending scenarios.

Vision provides near real-time BI data and is accessible 24/7 from a computer, tablet or cell phone. The simplistic user interface requires zero training, the interactive interface presents data in seconds, not days or weeks.

Vision is available to all our clients and extends into the customer’s strategic and technology areas for an end to end view. With the insights provided here, you can take a granular look at your business operations with IT Authorities, and across all of your 3rd party vendors.

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