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Moving Offices? IT Authorities Professional Services

IT Authorities Professional Services: Creating and Moving a Next Generation (5 9’s) Network

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

Overview: IT Authorities built a true next generation (5 9’s) network for a long-term customer who realized that they needed a network refresh. Six months later, due to an issue with the location of the headquarters, the customer had to move the entire network as soon as possible. The network supported hundreds of employees at several locations. We responded and completed the move on time without impacting operations or employees.

Network Information: IT Authorities Professional Services designed and implemented a new network for a Georgia-based company with several locations and hundreds of employees. The implementation included full HA redundant firewalls, dual ISP circuits, Cisco Meraki switches, and a full mesh architecture. The IT Authorities’ implementation resulted in a complete 5 9’s network with no single points of failure – critical for reliable network operations.

Customer Results: Due to the comprehensive implementation, the IT Authorities’ service desk received zero calls for network support.

Critical Customer Issue: Due to an issue with the building, the company had to move the entire network as soon as possible without impacting locations or employees. The ITA Professional team architected and mapped a custom moving strategy.

Prior to moving day, we created a custom network mapping, removed the spare firewall and placed it at the new location so we could completely test and build out the ISP and data center VPN. Due to our recommendation of Cisco Meraki, we were able to move, test and implement the network in a matter of hours.

Once we could validate the network viability, we had our on-site contact remove the Meraki network gear from the rack, place it in a car, drive it to the new location and install it at the new location. After installation, our remote support team was able to make the adjustments for the new location in real time. The entire network was up and running within one hour from the time it was powered up.

IT Authorities tested all aspects including the failover capability and everything worked as expected – the first time. The customer was thrilled and able to refocus their efforts on moving their office-related items instead of spending hours on network connectivity.

Financial impacts: The IT Authorities Professional Services team saved the customer tens of thousands of dollars on a corporate move because they chose us to implement their IT solutions. In addition, they utilized our team of experts and trusted us to deliver the best-in-class service to support their entire organization.  

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