IT Authorities Insights: Meet Your Corporate Compliance Cyber Security Requirements

May 5, 2022

Cybersecurity Insurance Requirements? Do you have the right solutions?

Solution Information: Testing & Compliance Scoring
Cybersecurity insurance includes many variables and requirements. You’re doing the right thing by protecting your business from internal and external threats. Cybersecurity, or cyber liability, insurance protects your business when a data breach, network attack or other type of system infiltration occurs. However, in order to meet the stringent requirements, you must meet several criteria.

Employee Testing and Corporate Scoring: Did you know you can achieve a corporate score by providing testing and scheduling phishing attacks to your employees? Employee training provides simulated versions of different attacks and shows users how to abide by your corporate policies. Most training must be completed by your deadline to meet your requirements. However, IT Authorities creates the different levels of training, schedules simulated attacks and provides QBRs to help you meet your insurance requirements. It’s a customized solution offered by our Managed Services group and alleviates the burden of testing, simulation and reporting. This allows you to review the reporting, make adjustments with our team and deploy the solution without impacting your employee workloads.

Do you need a specific type of cyber security or data compliance testing? Our partner solution can test to HIPAA, FERPA, PCI, GDPR and more. Learn more:

Solution Information: Secure Identity & Access Management
What if you were able to lock down your employee and facility access with one easy-to-deploy solution? Our parent company, WidePoint, offers Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) Solutions that provide DoD ECA-grade PKI compliance ensuring maximum identity security.

WidePoint-ORC is a trusted government identity management partner, issuing U.S. Government authentication credentials since 1999. Our experience spans all facets of identity proofing, credential issuing and the underlying public key cryptographic technology. WidePoint-ORC PIVotal ID credentials are issued to more than 18,000 unique companies including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, colleges and universities, private & public research organizations, healthcare organizations, banks and financial institutions.

Due to our merger, IT Authorities can now offer this solution to our customers. It’s extremely affordable for all business sizes and helps to ensure that you are meeting your compliance requirements.

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