Talkin’ Tech: The Best Answer to the Toughest Prospect Questions

As business professionals, we encounter sales situations on a daily basis that can add revenue to our business.  If you are a Sales Executive, CEO, Account Manager, or Customer Service Representative, you are probably answering questions that can put you above the competition and have an effect on closing a deal. 

Too many business professionals focus on WHAT they do, and not WHY they are in business.  Why your company is doing business is the biggest selling point to customers. Prospects don’t want to hear a laundry list of services they will receive.  They want to believe in your product and service and trust that this is the right decision that the corporation will make.  The reason why you are in business will align with what they customer wants.  Now, we all want additional revenue and margin so our why can’t be to make money.  Our why has to be deeper.  It has to come from the heart.  Here are some examples of some famous whys which was brought to light in the book, Start with Why, by Simon Sinek. 

Apple – Steve Jobs was in business to develop highly innovative products that revolutionized the marketplace and went above and beyond the status quo by thinking differently.  When he was asked to leave the company, Apple lost their why and they had to bring him back so they could refocus.

Starbucks – Howard Schultz wanted to develop the ultimate customer experience and create a “third point” between work and home where a consumer can go and spend their time in an environment that made them feel like they were in a corner café in Italy.  When he left, they lost their why and focused on revenue which pushed them over the edge and created too many stores.  He had to come back and retell their why story.

 So, here’s your task for the week, find your why. Think about why you do business and support it with what you do the next time a client asks these questions:

  • Why are you in the business?
  • Why should we choose you as our partner?
  • What makes you different from the competition?
  • What makes you better than XYZ Inc.?

Try to deliver a variation of these responses and wait for a reaction.  If you deliver it sincerely, I am sure there will be positive results.

Has your company identified its why? What did you learn in the process?   Drop me a note at to share your thoughts.

Hi! I’m Ryan, Manager of Service Delivery. I’m here to answer your technology questions and help you grow and improve your business! I consult with customers like you every day, and they bring up really great questions that we see on a recurring basis. We hope that discussing these topics will give each of you a better understanding on how leveraging technology can add value to your business. I’m here to provide advice and guidance as needed. Happy Reading and thank you!