Talkin’ Tech: Breaking Down The Cloud””

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear about “the cloud”? Often times, people get creeped out. They get nervous. They get shaky. But like most things in IT, it is an extremely complex term used to describe something simple, and we are here to simplify the “cloud.” We’re not talking about nimbus, cumulus, or stratus types of clouds. It’s merely referring to servers or machines residing at other locations where applications and data reside. For example, Microsoft has multiple data centers with rows and rows of servers, like a modern-day corn maze. These server clusters are allocated for their customers, and they can spin up servers on demand in order for you to utilize processing power over the internet without having to purchase hardware, software, or the Geek Squad.

So… K-I-S-S…

One of the most overused acronyms in business is back. The cloud is other people’s servers. For example, the majority of popular business applications are pivoting their offerings to SaaS-based: software as a service. Those applications are running in the cloud, IE they are running on servers in other locations like a back closet of a one-person company (hint, that’s not the one you want). Be sure to ask THAT question! Regardless, they are accessible over the internet and don’t require you to stand up a physical server onsite.

Hopefully, this helps remove some of the mystery around the cloud. The buzz around the word has somewhat faded as business owners start to get an understanding of the concept, and more businesses are adapting to the thought of utilizing the service. Remember, it’s NOT a cloud so please don’t point in the air when describing it to your brother in law. “THE CLOUD.” Your data isn’t just dissipating into thin air. Most commonly, the data resides on a server in a data center, and it gets to you via the internet!

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