Why Your Company Needs Microsoft Teams

Recently, it’s become clear how important it is to have the right business collaboration tools. Business collaboration has long been recognized as a way to increase employee productivity and satisfaction. Now, business collaboration tools have become a necessity as companies have been forced to transition to remote workplaces. 

One of the leading business collaboration tools for chat and file sharing is Microsoft Teams. Teams is a feature-rich and customizable chat platform that enables employees to communicate and work together on projects from anywhere at any time. 

A Communications and Collaboration Hub

Microsoft Teams Chat provides a great way to communicate with co-workers in real time and collaborate on projects. Chat allows project members to send instant messages, notifications, and documents. Chats can be enhanced with fun gifs and emojis to lighten up the workday. Chat Histories can be maintained and searched through conversation threads. 

Teams Chat can also be used to share files and work together on documents while maintaining version control. Documents can be uploaded, linked, and stored in Teams or Channels. 

Employees can conduct meetings from anywhere. There’s no need to reserve a conference room or go into the office. Chat integrates with the calendar, making conference calls a snap to schedule and send invitations for. 

Teams has all the desirable meeting features. Meetings can be conducted using video. Meeting leaders and participants can share screens to give everyone access to documents and other important information. There are also meeting notes and whiteboard features.

The Versatility of Microsoft Teams

Co-workers can easily move from Chat into Teams Calling by clicking on an icon for dial-free calling. Clicking another icon turns your call into a Video Chat, and Teams Group Chats turn your calls into conference calls. 

Collaboration and file sharing occurs in real time. File sharing is compatible with a wide variety of formats, including:

  • Word docs
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • SharePoint
  • OneNote
  • Power BI 

Teams Channels allow project managers to organize Chat, file sharing, and file storage according to individual projects and tasks. Access control can be maintained by inviting relevant team members to a Team or Channel. 

Teams Group Chats can easily be created to allow project group members to communicate and receive notifications about project progress. 

Microsoft Teams Flexibility

Microsoft Teams is flexible enough to work on any device. Teams is available on Mac and Windows desktops for the office or remote workplace. The platform is also available as a mobile app. This allows Android, iPhone, and tablet users to take advantage of Teams collaboration tools. 

Microsoft Teams is also customizable. Teams can be enhanced with both third-party and Microsoft Office 365 applications, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and OneNote. 

Chatbots can easily be added to a Team. These bots allow users to interact with software or a website so you can find information. Chatbots respond conversationally to requests, freeing you from conducting manual searches. They can also send notifications when a report is ready or an action needs to take place. 

Get Your Remote Workplace Up and Running

Rapid deployment is crucial when transitioning to a remote workplace. Working with the right technology partner can help your company put together all the resources needed to support your remote workforce, including Microsoft Teams. 

IT Authorities offers Immediate Remote Working Services. We can get your employees set up within 48 hours with access to Microsoft Windows and Office 365 applications, including Teams. 

IT Authorities can help you find out if your company’s Office 365 licensing includes Microsoft Teams for collaboration and assist you in the purchase if it does not. 

Get your company on board with Microsoft Teams. IT Authorities can get you started.