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Cloud Services

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You are moving workloads to the cloud for flexibility and simplicity but can you clearly measure and realize the benefits? Are you efficiently maximizing your cloud investments? Cloud Services offer businesses the ability to rapidly deploy new technologies and respond to customer demand. Much like any business decision, there are many Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions available today. In order to effectively leverage the Cloud, you must be able to select the right cloud platform, develop a strategy to migrate your core business applications and manage the workloads.

IT Authorities can help you develop and execute your Cloud strategy to maximize your Cloud investment.  Our cross-platform Cloud expertise, migration tools, and automation provides you the ability to migrate your workloads to the right cloud platform.   We ensure the workloads are scalable, managed and available allowing you to focus on really matters; your core business.

Digital Transformation

Ranked Among Top 100 Cloud Services Providers

The Cloud brings value by being able to quickly troubleshoot and quickly upgrade your apps and management software, all while being monitored by IT Authorities; as a partner, you’ll have no need to worry about in-house cloud expertise.


With IT Authorities, Scalability is Highly Automated

93.2% of companies have moved to the Cloud but haven’t seen the cost or time reduction benefits. IT Authorities works in tandem with devops to create systems that scale; they grow on demand and then scale down when you have smaller operations to deploy, therefore reducing your costs.

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