SOC as a Service

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) as-a-Service is a comprehensive security solution designed to provide around-the-clock monitoring and management of your security systems.

How SOC-as-a-Service Works

Trust IT Authorities to provide comprehensive, expert-led SOC-as-a-Service, tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Protect your network, data, and reputation with our cutting-edge security solutions.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Our SOC constantly monitors your security systems, network traffic, and application logs, searching for any signs of suspicious or malicious activity. We use advanced tools and techniques, such as intrusion detection systems, behavioral analytics, and threat intelligence, to detect potential threats quickly.
  • Incident Response: When our SOC identifies a potential security threat, we immediately investigate the incident, determine its severity, and take appropriate actions to mitigate the threat. Our incident response process includes isolating affected systems, blocking malicious traffic, and restoring compromised data.
  • Threat Intelligence: Our SOC integrates threat intelligence from various sources, such as industry reports, vendor feeds, and global threat databases. We use this intelligence to stay up-to-date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities and improve our ability to detect and respond to potential security incidents.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Our SOC provides regular reports and analysis of your security environment, including incident summaries, security trends, and recommendations for improving your security posture. We help you understand your security landscape and make informed decisions to protect your network and data.
  • Compliance Management: Our SOC ensures that your security systems comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or GDPR. We help you meet compliance requirements, avoid potential fines or penalties, and protect your organization’s reputation.

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Is trying to manage cybersecurity in-house creating
the following challenges?

Do you want to eliminate the high cost of operating your SOC?

Is the amount of upskilling required by SIEM and cybersecurity operations hard to manage?

Do you want more visibility into your cybersecurity – more pen testing, assessments and better log management?

Do you need to reduce your exposure to liabilities?

IT Authorities SOC-as-a-Service

Our SOC service replaces the complexity and expense of your in-house operations with our team of constantly-upskilling experts and our 24x7 monitoring and response platform.

Transitioning to an outsourced SOC overcomes the persistent challenges from limited budgets, shortages of skilled workers, the inability to be proactive, and constantly-evolving threat technologies.

Key Benefits of IT Authorities’ Intelligent SOC

24x7 human and AI monitoring of your IT environment

24x7 human and AI monitoring of your IT environment

Our SOC detects security threats and vulnerabilities, and responds to them with actionable remediation information and guidelines for incident resolution teams.

Threat and attack surface intelligence

Threat and attack surface intelligence

Our Attack Surface Management service is integrated into our SOC, providing monitoring, detection, and reporting for your domains, websites, web applications, SSL certificates, and public code repositories.

Growth and innovation at reduced expenditures

Growth and innovation at reduced expenditures

Our SOC-as-a-service approach enables you to easily adopt emerging best practices and techniques, while scaling the cost to meet your changing targets and needs.

An agile, future proof IT environment

An agile, future proof IT environment

In a world of shifting workplace technologies and rapidly evolving threats, our Intelligent SOC enables you to constantly adapt and pivot to defeat attackers.

Freed-up IT resources

Freed-up IT resources

Our Intelligent SOC automates repetitive tasks like reviewing alerts, prioritizing events, and filtering false positives. By outsourcing your SOC, your IT resources can be reassigned to other tasks or projects.

Improved long term security posture

Improved long term security posture

By performing regular penetration testing, identifying loopholes and misconfigurations, and reducing your attack surface, our Intelligent SOC will strengthen your security.


A Security Operations Center monitors, detects, and responds to security events and incidents. It plays a vital role in stopping malware, spear phishing, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and various forms of hacking involving known vulnerabilities in the network.

SOC-as-a-Service refers to outsourcing an organization’s security operation center to an external provider, like IT Authorities, in order to improve effectiveness and reduce costs.

A traditional SOC looks out toward incoming threats from within a network, defending its known vulnerabilities. An intelligent SOC uses a combination of human intelligence, AI, and machine learning to expose previously unknown vulnerabilities. It gains the external perspective of the attacker, seeing what they see, and predicting their actions in real time. This greatly increases the ability to proactively identify and block cyber threats.

Teamed with our Attack Surface Management, IT Authorities Intelligent SOC runs regular penetration (pen) testing to detect vulnerabilities in your domain exposure, brand exposure, and configurations.

  • Ransomware Attack Mitigation: Imagine your organization is targeted by a ransomware attack, where cybercriminals encrypt your data and demand a ransom for its release. Our SOC would detect the unusual activity in your network, such as the rapid encryption of files, and immediately isolate the affected systems. We would then work to restore your data from backups, avoiding the need to pay the ransom, and implement measures to prevent future ransomware attacks.
  • DDoS Attack Prevention: Suppose your organization is hit by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, where cybercriminals flood your servers with traffic to disrupt your online services. Our SOC would detect the surge in traffic and analyze its patterns, identifying it as a DDoS attack. We would then block the malicious traffic, ensuring your services remain available, and implement measures to prevent future DDoS attacks.
  • Data Breach Investigation: Imagine your organization experiences a data breach, where cybercriminals access sensitive customer information. Our SOC would investigate the breach, determine how it occurred, and identify the affected systems and data. We would then work to secure your systems, prevent further unauthorized access, and assist you in notifying affected customers and complying with regulatory requirements.
  • Enhanced Security: With our SOC monitoring your systems 24/7, you can benefit from faster detection and response to potential security threats, reducing the risk of successful cyberattacks and data breaches.
  • Expertise and Resources: By partnering with IT Authorities, you gain access to a team of experienced security professionals, advanced security tools, and threat intelligence, enhancing your ability to protect your network and data.
  • Cost Savings: Building and maintaining an in-house SOC can be expensive and time-consuming. Our SOC-as-a-Service provides a cost-effective alternative, allowing you to benefit from comprehensive security monitoring and management without the overhead of an in-house SOC.
  • Peace of Mind: With our SOC watching over your systems, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your security is in the hands of trusted experts who are dedicated to protecting your network and data.

Adopting our Intelligent SOC-as-a-service is easy

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