Say Goodbye to Yearly Contracts in 2021

The name of the game for business success in 2021 is flexibility. 

Almost every industry experienced a multitude of changes in tech in 2020 and some business’s are suffering in their efforts to catch up. The benefits of outsourcing your businesses core IT functions are clear and simple: 

  1. All costs considered, managed service providers (MSP’s) cost less than an onsite employee.
  2. Flexibility to scale your services up or down based on your needs. 
  3. Proactive implementation of updates, improved security, and latest tech.

Consider this- Many MSPs require long term commitments to a predetermined set of services. This means you can add the additional services you need, if you’re willing to resign your contract and adopt a new and higher price. Partnering with a managed service provider should be easy and built on continual trust and performance – not long term contracts.  

IT Authorities chooses to take a more transparent and cost effective approach to meeting your needs. Working with us means – on top of the above guarantees – you’ll also benefit from

  1. Month-to-Month service agreements and no cancellation fees.  
  2. Single price per person/month. It doesn’t matter if one person has a tablet and the other has four devices; each person costs the same. (starting at $99/user/month)   
  3. Support, monitoring & patching 24/7/365 so that you’re never unprotected.

Our team of highly curated business consultants specialize in creating digital utopias. Our purpose is simple – to understand your business so that you don’t have to understand ours. With transparency and trust being the foundation of our services, we promise to deliver world-class service to you everyday. Your freedom is our promise! 

Schedule a consultation with one of our friendly IT experts today and see how IT Authorities can bring you peace of mind and flexibility, in 2021.